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Tools / Mats / Food

Good day,

Probably everyone can craft their own tools or buy the mats on the market as money isn't much a problem (except getting 30M for high end items!!) but i do lots of gathering, processing and if you need tools, mats or even foodage, you may ask and if available in the storages, i'll be please to share it with you.

N.B. My processing if not professionnal 5 yet, so can't do Pure [Metal] Crystal for Lucky Shinning Steel tools but i'm reaching processing professionnal 1 this week so should go fast rapidly. When it's available, i'll keep you in touch.

-Marga salutes you as she close and lock the door of her workshop. "I'll come back soon, stay tune" (she smiles, walking away)

Most excellent information Marga.  Thank you for sharing.  I think you would make a good leader of our Gathering Division.  See me when next you are on.