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PvP understanding. Hopfully anyway.

FFXIV, ESO, WoW veteran and guild wars 2 as well.  In all the MMO's I have played PvP is pretty much the same, even if the PvP zones are done differently, the basic is the same. Kill or be killed. I'm still learning about the PvP in BDO, in the meantime, I found a few places in Google that explain the PvP for BDO.  I will just leave the links in here rather than typing it all out (too lazy lol). But I've done this much so be proud! - Clears throat.- Anyway hope it helps. If not feel free to add stuff.

Again, hope these help.


Ok bit of an update on the whole PvP thing. Personal experiences. Pkers can force your horse to stop running and attack you that way. You both take some damage and you get knocked off and it takes abit to get back on the horse because they are dazed. So be careful. If you hear another player yell and then see " Help Please. " Your about to be attacked.

Thank you for the heads up, much appreciated -Nyx-