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Good day Fellows,

I am a mostly daily player with 1 to 3 hours of available gameplay per day, except the week-end which might increase. My past experiences of MMO are majorly Everquest (when the released Kunark and further more) for 6 years, LOTR and AION, never played WoW. I'm not a PvP fan. I like to focus on a single character and try to reach the maximum of most of his aspect.

Being patient, I like gathering and try to craft or obtain things by myself instead for farming coins and buying them on the market. For the RP side, i've been a live medieval player myself for 15 years. I was part of the animation team and (personnal fact), that's where i met my RL partner (we've been together for the last 16 years). So RP, i do like it 🙂

On a darkest side, i'm not a forum fan of any kind and usally i don't read or write much on these but since we are only 4-7 active player in this guild so far, i guess there isn't much to read on a daily basis!

That's a small fragment of my live!

Thank you for reading and as a last scoop, i'm a french quebecker living 1 hour away from Montreal.

Cya online (waves)