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Introduction of Lady Sylida Davika

Character Name: Sylida
Family Name: Davika
Division:  Useless MuthaFuckas (And Proud of It)

Sylida is 24 and the only child of a poor couple who was killed during one of the many the wars that have plagued this land.  She was only ten when her parents were murdered right in-front of her.  Daric Blackmare a soldier happened past the crying child who was still hugging her parents dead bodies.  His heart went out to the young lass and so he took her under his wing and they became like brother and sister.  Sylida is smart and a strong Samurai, and to this day, even though she is grown she is still a very mischievous woman.  At the age of 18 Sylida left to explore the world and had only recently return to Heidel to once again fight by her adopted brothers side, and check out the woman her brother has fallen in love with.

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