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Name – Nyx
Family – Aphea
Alias – Shadow
Class – Valkyrie

Zodiac – Camel
Trusted Companions – Monty, ShadowHawk, & MoonShadow
Father – Mervel, Mother – Elana

Nyxx_ApheaHer Story

Nyx Aphea was born of a noble family in the city of Calpheon.  She was a shy, sweet child with a thirst for knowledge.  Alongside her best friend Renvin Blackmare and with his younger sister Sarah in tow, they had many childhood adventures.

But a happy childhood did not hide the family secrets, the sins of her parents, or the consequences she would wreak upon herself.

For five generations the Aphea women were proud Valkyries, until Nyx’s mother made a decision in battle that cost her her reputation and her title. Disgraced, Nyx’s mother returned home, allowed herself to be seduced by a stout businessman, married him and had a daughter.

Nyx’s birth was a joyous occasion for both her parents, but for different reasons. Nyx’s father saw a business opportunity, a chance to one day arrange a profitable marriage between his daughter and one of his business partners. Nyx’s mother saw a chance for redemption for the Aphea family name.

When she was proper age, unknown to her father, Nyx’s mother sent her away to study and train with the Valkyries. A mother’s dream forced upon her child. Nyx at first didn’t take well to the training and soon she was just another stain on the family name, leaving before she had completed her training and returning home. Had Nyx known that choosing not to finish her training with the Valkyries would send her world spiralling out of control, she might have stayed.

Her mother was distraught and furious, her father pleased. Not a month after her return home he announced that it was time Nyx do her responsibility to the family and wed the Lord Orwen’s son, Methas.  Feeling utterly betrayed by both her parents Nyx refused, which sent her father into a rage. He beat Nyx violently, until her mother arrived home and unleashed her training as a warrior upon her husband. Swearing that both of them would pay, he left on a business trip to nurse both his wounds and his pride.

Renvin, her childhood friend, had heard about Nyx’s return and her arranged marriage, and asked Nyx’s mother for permission to take her away from Calpheon and her father’s reach. Distraught by her failure as a Valkyire and now as a mother, she agreed.

For a time Nyx and Renvin traveled, then taking up with a band of “good” pirates until the news reached Nyx that her mother was dying. Nyx returned to Calpheon to learn that her father had sold her mother into slavery to pay off a debt he owed the Orwens. Nyx later learned that her arranged marriage had been how he her father had originally planned to pay off that debt.  Torn apart by this news and her own guilt, Nyx mourned and buried her mother, swearing to get revenge for her death.

Some months later, Nyx tracked down her father and killed him.

Now, her eyes open to the issue of the black market and slave trade in the world, and wanting to find a way to bring honor back to the women of the Aphea bloodline, she has taken it upon herself to protect the weak of the realm and lend her services to those in need. In her travels she met an Elf with a bad attitude and together they became know as the “Guardians”.

In the Shadows of Taverns and Inns she can be found watching and waiting…

EllhanaName – Ellhana
Family – Dhynesh
Class – Ranger
Zodiac – Goblin

Her Story
Ellhana is an elven outcast with a dark secret and a troubled heart. She wanders the world in a bitter parody of the life of adventure of which she once dreamed. Little did she know with whom she would meet, or the new direction her life would take.

Name – Renvin
Family – Blackmare
Alias– Renvin Cross
Class – Warrior
Zodiac – Boat
Trusted Companion – Kip (Shepard)
Father – John, Mother – Abigel, Sister (younger) Sarah

Enjoys fishing, drinking at the inns, and hanging out with companions. Mostly calm, a bit of a perv at times, who has a rough side.  He’s always up for a good fight. Ren-BlackDesertOnline He is hard working when he feels up to getting things done.  He is impatient at times, and tends to react to things with out thinking through the consequences of his actions. He has a temper that gets him into trouble more often than not.  He doesn’t fear much other than losing what he has left, his childhood & best friend Nyx, who is in many ways, his greatest weakness.

His Story
Renvin Blackmare was a simple farmer boy, living on the family farm just outside of the Capital of Calpheon. His family was respected by many because they always had the biggest and highest quality crops of corn and potatoes, and  their cows’ milk was always the best. When the plague hit the land, his families farm was one of the few that survived.

One day while his family was at the market selling their goods, Revin happened upon a little noble red-headed girl named Nyx Aphea.  They became fast friends, getting into loads of trouble around Calpheon. Seeing the connection between their two children, Renvin’s mother, Abigel, and Nyx’s mother, Elana, too became friends.  

While he was in his early teens, his mother and father grew ill and where taken by their sickness, leaving Renvin in charge of the farm, and to raise his little sister.  Revin and Sarah survived for a year, until one stormy night on their walk back from market, they were ambushed by a group of men, that he would later find out were know as the Aryan Brotherhood.  This gang of cutthroat’s were said to be responsible for 1/4 of the murders in the land.  They controlled the human slave trade and were known for their brutal torture techniques.  The members of this group injected a perverted sense of creativity and pleasure in inflicting pain.  The leader of the group had demanded all their coin, which Renvin was willing to hand over to keep his sister safe, his sister was not.  The money they had just made they needed for seed to plant new crops.  Sarah never did understand when to keep her mouth shout.  In the aftermath, he sat on the cold stone street, holding her in his arms as she died at such a tender young age.  Renvin withdrew from the world then, he became distant with his best friend Nyx, he grew bitter and cold.  He could no longer work the farm like his father had wanted him to, and so he sold it and left Calpheon with out saying goodbye, vengence deep in his heart.

He took up arms with a sword and a shield and trained for half a year to become a Warrior and sought out the Aryan Brotherhood, determined to join their ranks and get close to their leader.  In order to be believed, that he was truly one of them, Renvin took on the alias Renvin Cross and lived as they did, did as they did, doing unimaginable things, things that would forever stain his heart and soul.  Things that changed him forever.

After 8 years of living the life of a murderous rouge, he finally got the opportunity to kill the Aryan Brotherhood leader.  He was helped by one man, Davis, the only man he trusted in the gang.  When the deed was done Davis helped him escape.  With a bounty on his head, he lived as a nomad for two years staying low and keeping out of the mainstream.

After the two years had passed, he returned to Calpheon, a hard man and by happenstance, he bumped into a beautiful woman with emerald green eyes that could not be mistaken for anyone other than his childhood friend.  Though now he was no longer the person she would remembered, that person died the moment he did the things he had done to avenge Sarah’s death. 

With a bounty still on his head could their renewed friendship break the chains that now bind him, perhaps……but some truths run too deep.

Daric Blackmare

Name – Daric
Family – Blackmare
Father – John (deceased), Mother-Abigel (deceased), Sister – Sarah (deceased), Adopted Sister Sylida of the Family Davika